Friday, January 01, 2016

Wonderful Christian Acronyms

ASAP= Always Say A Prayer
BA = Born Again
BASIC = Brothers And Sisters In Christ
BIBLE= Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
BIRD FLU= Believe In Redeemer Deeply, Fear Leaves Us
BMW= Bestow Me Wisdom
CARE=Come And Rest Everyday 
CASH= Christians Always Say Hallelujah

CHRISTMAS = CHRIST.. My Anointed Saviour
COLD= Call Our Lord Directly
CRASH= Come Rejoice And Sing Hallelujah
CROSS= Christ Redeemed Our Sins & Shame 
COOL= Christ Our Only Lord

EAGLE = Embrace Abba God's Love Everyday
FAITH= Forsaking All, I Trust Him
FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real
FISH= Forever I'll Serve Him
FROG= Faithfully Relying On God
FROGLA = Fresh Revelation Of God's Love and Acceptance
GLORY= God's Love Overflows in Redeemer Yeshua ~New~
GLUE= God Loves Us Eternally
GRACE = God's Riches At Christ's Expense
HELP = His Ever Loving Presence
HEART = Humility+Enthusiasm+Attitude+Relationship+Trust
HIGH FEVER= Healed In God's Hands, Faith Empowers, Vitalises, Edifies & Restores
HOPE = Hoping On, Pray Expectantly.
HUG = His Unlimited Grace.
JOY = Jesus, Others, Yourself.
KFC= Keep Following Christ
KISS = Keeping It Simple, Spiritually
LOGIC= Love Of God In Christ ~new~
LOVE= Live Out Victory Everyday
MERS= My Exalted Redeemer Saves!
OOPS= Only One Personal Savior
OSAS= Once Saved Always Saved
PEACE = Pray Expectantly, Adore Christ Everyday
PHD = Praticing Healing & Deliverance
PUSH= Pray Until Something Happen
RICH= Rejoice In Christ.. Hallelujah!
REST = Rooted Everyday, Simply Trust.
SARS= Stand And Receive Salvation
SHEEP= Saints Have Experienced Everlasting Peace
SMS= Saviour Miraculously Saves
SWORD= Simply Worship Our Redeemer Daily
TGIF= Thank God I'm Forgiven

THANKS= To Honour A Nail-pierced Kind Saviour
TITHE= The Investment That HE Endorsesa
TSUNAMI= Tackling Satan Ultimately Needs A Marvelous Intercessor


Beloved Princess said...

:D Praise Jesus! Shall henceforth remind myself of His goodness whenever I hear one of these 'used-to-be-bad' words. And in answer to your other question, sure! :)

blacktulipsjazz said...

He made ALL things good for His Children! :P

blacktulipsjazz said...

cool!! thanks for the SINUS! we are indeed secure in Him who loves us! got to copy this down.. keekee :p

Evelyn Zoe said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!! your revelation is really wow....hahhaaa...

4given4ever said...

These words are so COOL. Now I won't gripe when I have SINUS problems. :oD BYE!

GB said...

I received your note on You have a great blog. It is filled with perspectives of faith, enthusiasm and joy.

emmsy said...

hey, i got your comment on my blog, feel free to link to me. what ive read so far of your blog looks good.

John McElveen said...

Thank you so much for your comments on my Blog. I would love to put a link to your blog on mine, but I'm such a novice that I'm not sure how. I am very computer savvy but I need to read all of's instructions. I was just led to go ahead and post! Your site is awesome, inspiring and Glorifies our Lord. Thank you so much for posting!! That is confirmation for me to keep going Full-On Forward! I'll take it slow at first, and I'm sure i'll learn but your site is awesome

J & R said...

Hi, this is Josh from Silent Calling. It's no problem if you want to link my blog. Thanks and have a great day. -Josh

curious servant said...

I just read through all your posts on this front page of your blog.

I loved the over ridnig positive flavor of what I read.

Thank you.

Flex J! said...

Wow! These are such new acronyms I'll surely use....


trent@ said...

My wife and I always say:
FROGLA = Fresh Revelation Of God's Love and Acceptance


Godwyn Lim said...

Cool Revelations...Praise God!

Nunzia said...

that's awesome!

Kabe said...

awesome ! keep blogging !

Scott B. said...

Adding you to my blog links...

Michael said...


You most certainly can link to my blog if you wish. It is such an encouragement that you have asked. Thank you, also, for the blessing your blog has been!

In Christ,

audrey` said...

HiHi =D marvellous acronyms :))

Steve said...

You most certainly may link to my blog ... ... and I would love to link yours on my blog page.

Stephen said...

Thanks for visiting my site and for your good wishes. Merry Christmas to you, too.

audrey` said...
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audrey` said...
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Kitty Cheng said...

hi, you're most welcome to link to my blog :

Let's keep in touch. God bless You!

JeffGeorgia said...

How fun. You ar so creative. Boy there are so many. May I share this with others?

Yen Ni said...

Indeed these Acronyms are great reminder for me. May I get your permission to post these Acronyms on my blog to share with my church friends?

A Heart of Worship said...

Ditto what Yen ni said...but I am sure you would not mind, so I have already posted it! Thanks for the quick little acronyms to remind us of what is really important!

Happy New Year to you!!

AfroCities.Com said...

Just received this from another member's page and saw that you'd posted it too. So true about what faith BRINGS us, rather than fear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Love the song playing now. So cool!

God bless you!

angie said...

heys... hm.. i remembered u posting this once before.. neways :) good one

Jz said...

heart : hear the cross -- Joseph Prince, New Creation Church

Lance Eh. said...

Awesome List! Thanks Cyberanger!


Alan Hiu said...

Awesome...! He is the Aleph and the Tav in Hebrews, Alpha and Omega in Greek and A to Z in English!!!