Saturday, June 27, 2009

Karen Mayer Cunningham

Karen's life was wonderful; she had a blissful marriage and perfect baby boy named James. But at eighteen months, something happened. James began to exhibit bizarre behaviors including violent tantrums, head banging, and eating rubber. Read the dramatic story of James' illness and his supernatural healing. God still performs miracles, and He is willing to perform a miracle for you too!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mark Biltz shares his most recent research...

...and theories on the ancient biblical feasts and how they are actually prophetic in nature, not only predicting the first coming of Messiah and His death, but also giving us insight into the near future and the Messiah's second coming. Mark also reveals how lunar eclipses on biblical feasts point to the Messiah's return, and why the year 2014 is prophetically significant.

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Does Psalm 109 Describe the Antichrist?

In Psalm 109, the leader of a nation that was previously on friendly terms with Israel, suddenly turns and tells vicious lies about the Chosen People. David prays that God will set a "wicked man" over him and that Satan should stand at his right hand. Could this "wicked man" be the Antichrist? If not, then why is this psalm placed in the center of three psalms that describe the Tribulation Period? King David wrote this psalm as a prayer that God would punish the rogue and at the same time, save Israel.

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John Kilpatrick

In 2008, God gave proven prophetic pastor John Kilpatrick a supernatural dream of a powerful earthquake hitting the middle of the United States. Then God told him, "A storm is coming!" A financial and natural catastrophe!

Be sure not to miss this interview as John advises you and your loved ones on what to expect in the near future and how to prepare for the coming crisis!

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